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Job Description:

  • In charge of setting up the relevant financial requirements & procedures and execution of the finance management system.
  • Financial Accounting, Manufacturing and Supply Accounting, Tax, Credit and Receivables Management and other finance related work.
  • Daily admin work arrangement, office management and company assets management.
  • In charge of the monthly, quarterly and yearly finance plan and summary, analysis and reporting.
  • The outreach efforts with Bureau of Finance, Bureau of Tax, Bank etc. organizations.
  • Other finance related work.

What do we expect from you!

  • The ability to contribute, to make a difference and have a tangible impact - turning your passion into action.
  • Creative and fresh thinking in your work and your life, regardless of your role.
  • A spirit of collaboration - you thrive when you work with a diverse range of people with different views, perspectives and priorities.
  • Be proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Accounting — the ability to apply accounting policies and principles to properly record, report and maintain financial data associated with operational activities.
  • Analysis and problem solving — the ability to analyze financial information, select and gather data, and recommend or determine a course of action.
  • Ability to clearly present detailed financial information to the management team.
  • Technology — the ability to use sophisticated software and tools.
  • Candidates should have a finance related bachelor’s or master’s degree.