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Casing TD Solutions

The HydroGRS™ (guide/reamer shoe) is a guide shoe designed to assist in getting the casing to bottom in difficult environments saving time and overall costs. The shoe has a proven track record of getting casing to bottom in a significantly shorter time when swelling shales, ledges and/or washed out areas are hampering the ability to get casing to TD successfully.



  • Eccentric rotary guide/reamer nose assists to negotiate the casing string through troublesome hole conditions quickly.
  • Nose is free to rotate as needed to “follow” the hole while running casing but can be rotated with pump pressure to actually ream the hole if necessary.
  • Low torque output to minimize the possibility of sidetracking the wellbore while reaming.
  • Aluminum nose for applications where drilling out is required.
  • Steel alloy nose for applications where drilling out is not required (carbide hard-facing can be added at customers request).
  • Internal components are all aluminum alloy and fully drillable when run with the aluminum nose to allow drilling to continue below the casing shoe after cementing.
  • Optional roller guide section to reduce friction of the shoe track during casing running.
  • Standard body metallurgy is L-80 but can be per customer’s request.