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Casing TD Solutions

Proper support of the cement plug is essential for a successful plug placement. With the CST this is no longer a concern, or time consuming. With more than 1,000 successful runs, the term “field proven” should be sufficiently demonstrated.



  • A tough membrane that is spring activated to seal against the open hole or casing.
  • Supplied ready to run.
  • No rental tools involved.
  • No training required to operate.
  • Load the CST inside the work string from transport tube.
  • Can either be pumped directly ahead of the spacer/cement or placed before the pre-job circulation is started.


  • Placed at setting depth, and after exiting the pipe, it will fold out and fill the hole.
  • The dart displaces the CST and helps prevent contamination in the string.
  • No other plug support is required as long as formation integrity is adequate.
  • Multiple cement plugs can be set with multiple CST’s with only one trip in the hole.