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Cementing Services
Multi-FIT Cement Slurry System


The PROVEN Solution of HTHP & High Differential Temperature Applications

  • Specialty additive for large differential temperature between bottom hole to TOC, over 248degF.
  • All the additives are stable under high temperature, up to 482degF.
  • Ultra stable retarder: Low sensitive to temperature, pressure or density.
  • Ultra-high cement slurry density application, up to 28.5kPa/m.
  • Ultra-low cement slurry density application, lowest at 10.8kPa/m.
  • Shale gas cementing application.
  • Slim-hole cementing application.
  • Cementing in underbalanced well, narrow pressure window application.
  • Cementing after air drilling.
  • Good compatibility with OBM/WBM.

Highlight Additives

  • FlexPlus – Patented FlexPlus is utilized to increase the elastic properties of cement sheath, minimizing annular pressure risk after fracturing. (FlexPlus is PROVEN in over 30 wells cementing operations in China.)
  • VXR – Ultra-stable retarder, the key to differentiate Multi-FIT cement slurry system from the competition cement slurry
  • Fiblok – Proprietary fiber Fiblok is used to cope with seepage losses and better borehole clean up.