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Phantom Hybrid® big bore bridge plug (BBBP) is a next generation innovation, combining the big bore feature of conventional big bore bridge plug and the fast-drill feature of composite bridge plug. The primary benefit is ensuring all produced liquids will have up to a 2.25” ID flow channel immediately after flow back. This unique feature brings your wells onto production in the most efficient manner. With the dual slips, double grip design, it minimizes the risk of blowing out bridge plug while producing. In addition, production logging or re-frac operation - likely to be faced in wells’ production life has been considered. A greatly simplified removal process, given the fast-drillability of Phantom Hybrid® BBBP will ensure you full bore access for better logging or re-frac solutions.



  • Maximum 2.25” ID big bore allows maximum production through tool & CT intervention through the tool
  • Aluminum & composite components for shorter drill out time
  • Full bore access after drill out
  • Pressure rating to 10,000 psi (STD)
  • Temperature rating to 302°F (STD)
  • Zero downhole trash when used with VVANISH™ metal/PGA dissolvable frac balls
  • Compatible with standard wireline or hydraulic setting tools
  • Robust anti-preset design minimizes premature setting risk