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VERTECHS WIZARD® The game-changing fully dissolvable plug, manufactured from unique dissolvable materials that does not require drilling/milling, leaving ZERO debris downhole, which is capable of providing a full wellbore access and much quicker production comparing to conventional plugs, thus, overall operation hours and costs are reduced by eliminating the drilling/milling requirements. VERTECHS WIZARD® fully dissolvable plug can be set by conventional wireline or hydraulic setting tools, which comes with VVANISH™ dissolvable frac ball. For application flexibility, the rate of dissolution (ROD) can be customized based on the operation requirements and downhole conditions. 



  • 10,000 psi differential pressure rating.
  • Designed for temperatures up to 302°F (150°C).
  • Holds pressure up to 24 hrs after setting.
  • Proprietary anti-preset feature.
  • Customized for dissolution in fresh water or high salinity formation fluids.
  • Customizable ROD, range from 36 to 200 hours.
  • Setting with standard wireline/hydraulic setting tools.
  • Fully dissolvable slips & packing elements.
  • Suits high API casing grades (Q125 & V140).




Casing Size Weight (lb/ft) Casing Grade
4.5" 11.6-15.1 N80, P110, Q125, V140
5.5" 17-26.8 N80, P110, Q125, V140

 *Specialty designs available upon request 



  • Single or multiple-zone stimulation
  • Vertical, deviated, horizontal, or multilateral wellbores



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