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VVANISH Metal Dissolvable Frac Ball                                                                                  


VVANISH™ metal dissolvable frac ball is the key component used to achieve zonal isolation while doing a frac job. In plug & perf operation, VVANISH™ will set on the ball seat of frac plug to block the intervals below the plug, and these plugs could be dissolvable bridge plug, big-bore bridge plug or composite bridge plug. VVANISH™ could also be utilized as the activation device to open the frac sleeves. To open multi-stage frac sleeves, VVANISH™ frac balls with gradient ODs will be selected, and one VVANISH™ could open one or more sleeves depending on the sleeve designs. After opening targeted sleeves, VVANISH™ frac ball will set on the ball seat of the inner sleeve, and frac operation could be achieved by increasing the pump rate. After frac is done, VVanish™ metal dissolvable frac ball will dissolve in the downhole environment, leaving ZERO debris downhole.



  • Standard size available from 1” to 3.75” (customizable)
  • Specific gravity 1.87
  • Dissolves in fresh water or formation water with salinity (optional)
  • Requires no acid or other chemicals to dissolve.
  • Optional surface coating to delay dissolution and maintain stability until stimulation operations are completed.
  • 10K psi pressure rating 
  • Manufactured with strict tolerances to ensure success of operations.
  • Over 1000 VVANISH™ frac balls run in hole with ZERO failure.



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