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Evaluate the casing condition and cement bond around the entire casing circumference.

AUI (Annular Ultrasonic Imaging) logging is an advanced cased-hole ultrasonic logging technology utilizing the mechanism of echo amplitude, time of echo and echo attenuation detection. AUI logging offers operators precise evaluation of cement bond quality with 360° imaging profile. The casing OD & ID, corrosion and stand-off ratio can also be obtained simultaneously. AUI logging is a proven technology that has been applied on various applications including cement bond evaluation, casing stand-off and integrity assessment.

Cement Bond Imaging Evaluation

Cement placement is very critical component of well integrity for ensuring casing mechanical support, protection from fluid corrosion, and most importantly the isolation of permeable zones at different pressure regimes to prevent hydraulic communication or migration. Cement evaluation tools measure the bond between the casing and the cement in the annulus. The detection of poor cement, or the absence of cement, makes it possible to conduct remedial action before the well is completed to avoid potential production problems and their associated costs. Compared to traditional acoustic echo technology (CBL/VDL), AUI is an upgraded ultrasonic tool utilizing multi-transducers combination and matrix data algorithm, enabling detection along the casing as well as from reflections at the cement to formation interface (interface II).


Casing Integrity Evaluation

Casing integrity is an important aspect of production management around the world.  Evaluation of casing integrity becomes very critical along with the rapid growth of unconventional and HTHP applications. AUI tool offers an accurate and highly localized measurement of casing ID & OD. This is also quite important when very exact calculation of burst or collapse rating is critical. The nature of ultrasonic transducers and the simplicity of the physics of measurement make AUI a reliable and proven technology.

 3D mapping of Casing Integrity Inspection