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Plunger lift is one of most viable options to de-liquefy and produce gas wells. Vertechs offers the most complete line of plunger lift products and optimization services to profitably de-liquefy new and mature oil and gas wells.

Plunger provides a mechanical interface between the produced liquids and gas. Using the well's own energy for lift, liquids are pushed to the surface by the movement of a plunger traveling from the bottom of the well to the surface. This cycle is repeated several times a day. 

Vertechs Products combine engineered products with expert optimization and field services to help you achieve your production goals. 

The Benefits of Plunger Lift

  • Cost effective to install, maintain and move.
  • No rig required to install.
  • No external energy needed.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Can be automated to adjust for changing well conditions.
  • Minimal well downtime.
  • Removes scale, paraffin's, sand, and other solids

Main Components


It is designed to safely decelerate the plunger at surface. And it has to do this while operating under extreme pressures

 Main components include:
Lubricator body
Plunger Catcher
Lubricator cap
Impact or striker disk
Deceleration spring


It creates a mechanical seal between the fluid in the tubing and the gas pressure in the annulus, which allows for fluid to be carried to surface. The seal is critical to the efficiency of the system.

A plunger style is selected based on the amount of fluid being lifted, the gas pressure available and the condition of fluid. The more fluid produced the better the seal efficiency needs to be.

Bottom Hole Spring

Utilizing it to protect the Plunger and the Tubing Nipple profile from being damaged while the plunger travels to the bottom and trap fluid in tubing string to be removed by plunger.


The controller that can be used in a number of different configurations. It can function as a simple intermitter or with a plunger and can optimize a well based on pressures or plunger arrival time/velocity.