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The Echometer Well Analyzer is used in conjunction with a gas gun/microphone assembly to determine the liquid level depth in a well. Normally, the liquid level depth is determined in the casing annulus, but also, the liquid level depth can be measured inside tubing in gas wells. An acoustic pulse is generated at the surface of the well. The acoustic pulse travels through the gas and is reflected by changes in area including tubing collars and the liquid level. The software automatically processes this acoustic data to determine liquid level depth. Concurrent with the acoustic liquid level depth measurement, an initial and fifteen minute buildup casing pressure tests are performed. The casing pressure build-up measurement allows calculation of the casing annulus gas flow rate and the gradient of the gaseous liquid column, to determine if free gas is bubbling up through the liquid. Software calculates the producing bottom hole pressure, maximum production rates, pump intake pressure, casing annulus gas flow rate and other parameters. This single-shot acoustic liquid level depth test is displayed as shown so the operator can visualize and understand the performance of the well.