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VClean is a kind of detergent applied for cleaning down hole drilling fluids residue and surface equipment. VClean provides an excellent cleaning function by performing the task of emulsion, thinning, dissolving, dispersing oil/synthetic-base-mud residue and leaving all down hole/surface metal tools/equipment in a clean, water-wetting state.


  • Highly-efficient cleaning capability, biodegradable, environment friendly.
  • Excellent performance on emulsion, thinning, dissolving and dispersing.
  • Compatible with fresh water, seawater and clean brine fluids.
  • Can be applied at the temperature up to 300 °F.


  • Oil/synthetic-base-mud residue cleaning (down hole tools)
  • Oil/synthetic-base-mud residue cleaning (surface equipment)


Shale shaker before VClean circulations Shale shaker after VClean circulations
Drill pipes before VClean circulations Drill pipes after VClean circulations