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SmartSeal is an intelligent pressure differential sealant system consisting of polymers, and polymerizing additives. SmartSeal is specially designed to seal leaks in, tubulars, packers and other leaks down hole. Suitable for both dynamic and static leaks. When SmartSeal is pumped down across the leak point, pressure drop causes SmartSeal to react and form a flexible solid across the leak site. The process is analogous to blood coagulating in a wound. This reaction only occurs at the point of differential pressure and the excess volume of sealant remains liquid.

  • Liquid sealant
  • Activated by differential pressure
  • Polymerizes into a flexible solid
  • Solidifies only at the leak site
  • Up to 12,000 psi and 110 ℃ / 230 ℉
  • Excess sealant remains liquid





  • Tubing hangers and casing hangers
  • Tubing and casing strings
  • Micro-annulus communication
  • Pipe lines and ball valves