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Composite plugs are universal tools in plug & perf operations worldwide. As a common practice, all composite plugs have to be drilled out by coiled tubing to achieve full wellbore production. However, when drilling out the last plug, the plug loses support after the slips are drilled, the coiled tubing can no longer apply force to drill out the bottom sub. Although the remains can be pushed to the bottom of the well, but in the production process, there were still many cases that the bottom sub of the plug flowed back to the wellhead, resulting in complications and economic losses.


Vertechs CHIMERA, is a toe plug that the bottom sub issue is eliminated, by combining the advantages of fast drilling composite materials and field-proven dissolving technology. Neglecting the bottom sub of a composite plug in your well might be a time bomb during production. By running CHIMERA as the first plug for your next plug & perf operation, a debris free & full wellbore production well is no longer a myth.


  • 10,000 psi differential pressure rating.
  • Designed for temperatures up to 302°F (150°C).
  • Fully dissolvable bottom sub/mandrel.
  • Setting with standard wireline/hydraulic setting tools.
  • Suits high API casing grades (Q125 & V140).


Casing Size Weight (lb/ft) Casing Grade
4.5" 11.6-15.1 N80, P110
5.5" 17-26.8 N80, P110