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VERTECHS WIZARD® DAGGER High Clearance Dissolvable Plug (HCDP)

VERTECHS WIZARD® DAGGER High Clearance Dissolvable Plug (HCDP) is designed to solve severe downhole restriction challenges for unconventional well completion or workover. It also comes with a patent pending "SMART-FIN" sleeve which increases pumping fluid efficiency during the pumping process.


  • Fully dissolvable;
  • Up to 1.035" annular clearance for high pass-thru required applications;
  • Increase pumping fluid efficiency with SMART-FIN WLAK (Optional);
  • Pressure rating up to 7,000 psi;
  • Suitable for low - hight temperature applications 104°F (40°C) ~ 302°F (150°C) ;
  • Customizable ROD (Rate of Dissolution) ;
  • Running with Baker#10 standard wireline or hydraulic setting tools;
  • Robust anti-preset design minimizes premature setting.


Plug Model Casing Size Weight(lb/ft) Casing Grade Plug OD Plug Length Pressure Rating
WIZARD DAGGER 5" 13-24.1 V110,Q125,V140 3.46" 13.78" 7,000psi
WIZARD DAGGER 5.5" 26-26.8 V110,Q125,V140 3.46" 13.78" 7,000psi