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Vertechs i-Sphere intelligent ball is designed to collect downhole temperature and pressure data in various well conditions. Comparing to traditional methods of acquiring P/T (Pressure and Temperature) data, Vertechs i-Sphere intelligent ball has independent power supply and memory, it does not require deploy tools, which benefits the operators in the long-term by providing a cost-efficient way to collect the downhole P/T data by eliminating the interference to the operation progress.



  • Could be used as frac-ball and collect P/T data during frac operation;
  • Collect downhole P/T data after frac operation;
  • Collect downhole P/T data during well production;
  • Can be used under other conditions when wireline logging or slick line logging is not available.


  • Ball OD:2.4” to 2.6”
  • Temperature Rating: 300 degF
  • Temperature Accuracy: <0.5 degF
  • Pressure Rating: 20,000 psi               
  • Pressure Accuracy: <30 psi
  • Downhole Service Time:1 ~ 8 weeks*
  • Data Recording Rate:Customizable.  
  • (For example: 1 data/min or 1 data/hour)

If you need a frac ball, we can make it smarter.

*Service time depends on downhole conditions and data recording rate.