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VERTECHS PIRANHA Dissolvable Cement Retainer utilizes a sliding-valve assembly for remedial cementing operations or zone abandonment. It combines dissolvable metal, dissolvable rubber and fast-drillable mandrel, meaning after drill-out, the remainder and majority of the cuttings will dissolve downhole. The sliding sleeve is operated by a stinger assembly from surface and controls pressure from both directions. PIRANHA could be deployed with CHAMELEON fully dissolvable bridge plug for selective, temporary water shut-off operations.


  • 5,000 psi differential pressure rating.
  • Suits for low temperature application at 113°F (45°C), high temperature up to 302°F (150°C).
  • Customizable ROD(Rate of Dissolution).
  • Dissolvable packing elements.
  • Allows tubing pressure test before squeezing.
  • Valve automatically closes when the stinger is picked up, locking in the squeeze pressure.
  • Positive and opposite seal after setting.
  • Simple surface controlled valve.
  • Setting with standard wireline/hydraulic setting tools.



Casing Size Weight (lb/ft) Casing Grade
4.5" 11.6-15.1 N80, P110, Q125
5" 23.2-24.1 N80, P110, Q125
5.5" 17-26.8 N80, P110, Q125

*Specialty designs available upon request


Fathered in JPT September issue 2018