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XPLUG is a cross linked resin which cures into a three dimensional rigid barrier. XPlug is created by a controlled reaction between a specialized curing additive and an epoxy compound - customizable for numerous applications downhole.



  • Solid free, low viscosity, available to penetrate micron pore.                
  • Totally customized operation time - (120min to 400min).
  • Adjustable compressive strength.
  • Density ranges of 7.0 ppg up to 19.0 ppg.
  • Right angle set achievable.
  • Much higher compressive strength, tensile strength and stronger bonding than cement.
  • Functions across a wide range of temperatures - (75-212°F ).
  • Immiscible in water - does not dilute or blend during pumping or placement.




  • Micro-annuli repair.
  • Plugging control lines.
  • Casing leaks.
  • Water shut-off.
  • Kick off plugs.
  • Sealing failed cement plugs & packers.