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WIZARD MS Long-Range Dissolvable Plug

WIZARD Metal Seal Long-Range dissolvable plug is the latest product in Vertechs dissolvable isolation tool series. It is a long-range compact plug which can be used in different casing sizes without sacrificing its pressure rating. It can be also used under complex conditions such as deformed casings or casing patches. Full metal seal eliminates the use of elastomers and enables maximum 15,000psi pressure rating, which minimizes pump down risks, providing reliable performance under high pressure and high temperature. 

Please contact to get the password and watch the WIZARD MS Long-Range Dissolvable Plug install video.

Temperature Rating 104~302℉
Pressure Rating 10,000 - 15,000 psi
Dissolving Rate Suitable for fresh water or produced water. Fully customizable ROD.
Casing Range 4.5” 5” 5. 5” 6”
Casing Grade Up to V140
Special Features Special Features: Long setting range to cover most API casings and cope with extreme downhole restrictions.