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REALology® - Real-Time Drilling Fluids Rheology Monitoring System

REALology is a fully automatic system that continuously monitors drilling fluid’s temperature, density and rheology. Accurate real-time drilling fluid properties now can be obtained every 15 minutes, which enables faster response to prevent and resolve downhole problems, including wellbore instability, narrow drilling window, cuttings accumulation and more, improving overall drilling performance and reduce NPT.

Real-Time Monitoring

· Density (0~3 SG) 

· Rheology Parameters: n, K, PV, AV, YP, τy 

· Viscometer Reading: Φ 600/ Φ 300/ Φ 200/ Φ 100/Φ60/Φ30/Φ20/Φ10/Φ6/Φ3/Φ0 rpm


· Suitable for WBM, OBM, & SBM. 

· Modular Portable Design: 1.2m x 1.0m x 1.2m. 

· Automatic “Clean/Air Purging”.

· Rheology Parameters “Setting & Alarm System”.

· Suitable for Wellbore Stability, Hole Cleaning, ECD and Other Modules.

· Remotely Control.

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