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RWSS Realtime Wellbore Strengthening

Vertechs RWSS technology is designed to provide a real-time enhancement of wellbore stability during drilling instable formations which are caused by 1) low formation pressure, 2) narrow drilling window, 3) fractured formation, 4) unstable formation, etc. Moreover, the patented on-site evaluation apparatus is the key to monitor & maximize the effectiveness of wellbore strengthening material. This field proven solution has been applied in various challenging wells and reduced NPT substantially related to wellbore instability and induced losses.


• Instantaneously prevent losses and collapse by forming a Ultralow permeability film     at fluid-rock interface

• Real-time performance evaluation with patent apparatus HPIT

• Real-time invasion control optimization

• Compatible with WBM/OBM/SBM

Case Study-An interval drilled with downhole complexity (Red) vs. sidetrack with Vertechs RWSS (Blue)