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ZERO Large-bore Dissolvable Collet

Majority portion of dissolvable frac plugs on the market are still made up of many complex components; limiting the inner diameter and fluid contact area, which compromise dissolvability. Therefore, the first generation of dissolvable plugs still face big challenge, and require a “clean out run” before producing the well. To truly overcome these inevitable challenges associated with traditional dissolvables, Vertechs introduced a new generation intervention-less dissolvable collet, for both high and low temperature applications (100-350℉), 10,000 psi pressure rating, with a length of less than 2.5". Once stimulation is completed, the well can be flowed back immediately through the extreme large ID of the tool, preventing downhole debris or sand from packing up, eliminating the need of clean out runs, and saving substantially on intervention cost.


· Impact resistance, anti-preset, zero packing element, no speed limit.

· 10,000 psi pressure rating, customized for both high and low temperature applications.

· ID sealing component dissolve quickly, granting ultra-large flowback channel.

· Collet dissolves within 3-7 days.

Temperature Rating 86°F ~ 320°F
Pressure Rating 10,000 psi
Casing Size 5.5”
Weight (lb/ft) 17-20
Casing Grade N80 P110 Q125 140V