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eHPIT-Electronic High-Pressure Invasion Tester

No more guess work, understanding your mud invasion or viability of LCM anywhere anytime. 

Vertechs eHPIT is a proprietary instrument designed to evaluate drilling fluids invasion or LCM performance. NO external energy (gas source or electricity) is needed to implement the test. It also provides the ability to choose a wide range of testing media, to give a variable testing range for all applications. Typical example test beds include 20-40 mesh sand or steel beads. Additionally, the transparent invasion observation window enables visible evaluation of depth and rate of invasion. All pressure data points are recorded and wirelessly transmitted to a proprietary software for analytics use.

eHPIT helps you evaluate your drilling fluids performance in a better and smarter way! 


· Versatile LCM & mud invasion tester.
· Real-time wireless pressure data transmission & recording
· Maximum testing pressure at 870 psi (6MPa).
· No external electricity or gas source required.
· Visible & intuitive evaluation of the test result.
· Portable and intrinsically safe.