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REALology® - Real-Time Drilling Fluids Rheology Monitoring System

REALology is a fully automatic system that continuously monitors drilling fluid’s temperature, density and rheology. Accurate real-time drilling fluid properties now can be obtained every 5 minutes, which enables faster response to prevent and resolve downhole problems, including wellbore instability, narrow drilling window, cuttings accumulation and more, improving overall drilling performance and reduce NPT.

Real-Time Monitoring

· Density (0~3 SG) 

· Rheology Parameters: n, K, PV, AV, YP, τy 

· Viscometer Reading: Φ 600/ Φ 300/ Φ 200/ Φ 100/Φ60/Φ30/Φ20/Φ10/Φ6/Φ3/Φ0 rpm


· Suitable for WBM, OBM, & SBM. 

· Modular Portable Design: 1.2m x 1.0m x 1.2m. 

· Automatic “Clean/Air Purging”.

· Rheology Parameters “Setting & Alarm System”.

· Suitable for Wellbore Stability, Hole Cleaning, ECD and Other Modules.

· Remotely Control.