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Vertechs D•ARMOR Coating Technology

Dissolvable tools are highly customized products based on required operation conditions, however, these conditions might change, which pose potential risk and challenges during its application. Take plug & perf for example, if fresh water supply is removed from planned schedule, then using flowed back fluids to pump your magnesium alloy dissolvable frac plugs is the next best option. But flowed back fluids tend to have a very high chloride concentration, which could lead to pre-mature dissolution while running the plug into the well. Vertechs introduced its dissolution control technology D-ARMOR. It effectively delays the reaction between dissolvable tools with wellbore fluids, without interfering its further dissolvability. This technology has been field proven in various shale play regions, where lack of fresh water supplies is common. 


· Effectively delays dissolution reaction up to 4 to 8 hours to guarantee the performance of dissolvable frac 


· Enable the application of dissolvable frac plugs/tools in harsh environment, such as extremely high 

  temperature and high salinity wells.

· Zero interference to further dissolution.