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Our Code of Ethics is a set of general statements, which express the ethical and professional ideals on which our practice is built. They are our minimum standards.

Our clients place us in a position of utmost trust. We strive at all times to be worthy of that confidence. All advice we give to you will be tendered in an honest manner with full disclosure of all relevant information.
We will always act with integrity. This means we will never allow a possible advantage on our part to be a contributing factor to any advice we give. Integrity allows for innocent error and legitimate difference of opinion but it can never co-exist with deceit or subordination of our principles.

Competence is the attainment and maintenance of an appropriate level of knowledge and skill together with the effective application of that knowledge in providing our services to you. We will continue to maintain and improve our professional competence.
We recognize any limitations in our knowledge and we only provide our services in areas in which we are competent. If you ask us to undertake work in any areas in which we are not competent we will advise you that this is the case. We will either refer you to an appropriately qualified individual or we will seek your permission to consult such a person on your behalf.

Our advice will always represent what we honestly believe is in your best interests. We will always act with impartiality and we will never allow our judgement to be affected by any actual or potential conflict of interest with impartiality. If we become aware that any conflict of interest has arisen, or that there is a risk that one may arise, we will immediately bring the matter to your attention and seek your agreement before we continue to act on your behalf.

We will never disclose any information acquired in the course of our work for you unless we have a legal duty or we are authorised by you to do so. We will never use any such information for our, or any other party's advantage.
We will always protect your privacy by safeguarding any information which we hold in relation to your affairs to the best of our ability

We will treat all our clients and business contacts with courtesy. This means we will treat them in the same fashion that we would wish to be treated ourselves.